Yoga Slow Flow


They follow the conscious movement of the breath towards the state of unity of body and mind. Each class is unique, adapted to the group and to what each individual student is looking for, with soft variations for beginners or demanding ones for advanced students. In a few sessions you will see how your breathing and concentration improve, the balance between strength and flexibility, and you will find the best version of yourself from a state of relaxation and mental calm.

Formentera beach wood pier over turquoise water from balearic Mediterranean sea paradise

Slow Flow Retreat Formentera

Sept. 25 to Oct. 01 From 710€


Inner Path Retreat

Greek Coast Sept. 8 to 15 From 725€

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Yogamed Retreat

Coming soon!

Yoga Med

Find the meditation techniques that go with the moment you are living.

Balance your practice of yoga poses by going deeper into meditation.

Mai has created these workshops to remind you of the tools that allow you to meditate at all times or in any vital situation.