Mai Garbizu

With curiosity and enthusiasm, Mai has been engaged in the ancient practices of yoga for over 18 years.
Through her curiosity, enthusiasm and devotion she creates a unique path of integrating yoga into life, which she shares from the heart with simplicity and a sense of humor.

Mai Garbizu​

I am a yoga instructor and I want you to feel happy practicing. An architect by profession, I started practicing yoga in the year 2000 to moderate stress and anxiety levels.

In 2006 I started practicing every day, this changed my life for the better, it gave me physical strength, attention and relaxation to connect with myself and with others with greater softness and joy, a path that I continue to explore day by day.

“Now I dedicate myself exclusively to teaching yoga from Formentera where I live a simple life with my family, in contact with nature.”

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En palabras de Mai

I was born in the city of eternal spring, Caracas. All my childhood memories are bathed in the bright and joyfully colored light of the tropics. I grew up surrounded by exuberant nature, climbing mango trees and playing on endless sandy beaches on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. These experiences awakened in me a love for mother earth and a deep respect for the wisdom of nature.

From my Basque father, my Cantabrian mother and my grandparents, I learned the spirit of exploration, curiosity and courage. Guided by them, I soon discovered the depth and beauty of art, which led me to study as an Erasmus in Paris, before graduating in Higher Architecture.

My teachers at the architecture school taught me, between calculations and design submissions, that knowledge is only one and that all paths lead to this unique knowledge.

At this stage I got to know the conscious breathing exercises and began to practice them daily, it was at that moment that I had the first realizations of the power of breathing as a connection between the physical and the metaphysical.

I discovered Yoga during a brief stay in Caracas, while working as an architect in London. A dear friend invited me to do a Yoga class with her teacher, the renowned Butoh dancer, Juan Carlos Linares. Yoga was love at first sight, a first contact that changed my life forever.

It was while I was living in Tokyo, with a scholarship from the Japanese government as an architecture researcher, when a crisis due to Crohn’s disease that had been with me for years led me to stop everything and return to my home in Barcelona. There, an emergency abdominal surgery and a long postoperative period marked the moment of making a definitive life change.

The search for integral health led me to meditation and it was at that moment that the daily practice of Yoga settled in my life as a source of health, connection and happiness.

From that moment I live an intense transformation in constant evolution, which nourishes my path of integration of Yoga in life.

Years later in Barcelona, ​​a friend took me to practice with a teacher who came from New York and that’s how I met Andrei Ram Om. That day something magical happened, Andrei offered a class that was just like my self-practice and I had the feeling that I had always belonged to the lineage of Hatha-Raja Yoga and that I had finally come home.

With Andrei Ram Om and his teacher Sri Dharma Mittra, I have learned the determination of Yoga in sweetness. I have recovered the playful vision of childhood and I have felt the connection with nature again.

Since then I have been blessed to share more than 3,500 hours of Yoga teachings, mainly in Barcelona, ​​Switzerland and Greece.

Currently I live a simple life with my family, Manu and our daughter Irati, on the island of Formentera. From where I share the freedom and beauty of Yoga in training and retreats inside and outside of Spain.

My Experience

Since 2007 I have guided +3000 hours of yoga classes, workshops & retreats in Spain
(Catalonia and the Balearic Islands) and Europe (Geneva, Athens and Thessaloniki).

Since 2010 I have had the honor of practicing with Andrei Ram Om and Sri. dharma mittra,
with whom I have done +800 hours of study in the lineage of Hatha Raja Yoga.

2013 Certification by the Generalitat de Catalunya as a Yoga Instructor.

2017 International Certification as Expert Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider E_YACEP 200h.

2018 and 2019 Director and main teacher of the deepening course SER, La Sala de Yoga, Barcelona.